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About The Game

The Four Elements Trainer game is available for download and play on both Mac OS and PC Windows. We here at MITY Games are responsible for developing the game. Four Elements Trainer doesn’t feature any voice acting, but that doesn’t equate to it being any less fun and entertaining. In the Avatar Universe, this game is a big undertaking set. Here, The Legend of Korra and The Last Airbender are combined into one in the game.

As you start to progress into the game, be expectant to come across a ton of unlockable mysteries, quests, fights, fuckable characters, and stories. Since this is a role-playing game, you have complete control here. This game also falls under the open-world genre, making it possible to do a lot of things that you can in the actual world. Plus, this simulator game features high-end graphics, which is a major plus point.

The Storyline

The game garners the majority of its inspiration from the plot of “The Last Airbender.” An avatar recently passes away in the game, and the spirit picks you as his successor. As the Avatar, you have the responsibility of restoring balance back into the corrupted world. And the only way for you to do this is by mastering the 4 key elements in the game.

You will be a part of a storyline that’s funny and well-written. The game features an array of iconic and powerful female characters straight from the license, such as Azula, Toph, Katara, Mai, Azula, and much more. Here’s the best part of being an avatar; you will be able to engage in multiple sexual escapades like fucking and even mouth-banging.

You won’t just be training them with their combative skill set but also with the dirty skills during the process. For now, only three books, i.e., fire, earth, and water, have been released. The 4th one is currently under development. However, the first three will be enough to get you occupied for now. You can expect the sequels to be released anytime soon now.

The Gameplay

When the game starts, you will be given a choice on which one of the three books to play. Remember that each one of the books will differ in some way regarding the game’s functionality. For instance, let us play the book of fire from the three books.

The setup of the game is quite similar to that of Akabur’s games. Here, you will play the role of a cloaked man with no name and who gets put inside the character’s body. You are also the main protagonist in the game.
You are put into this established world where you start to abuse your power by sleeping with the remaining main characters in the game.

This game is like a parodied version of the popular Avatar show. The game has numerous story paths in the fire book alone. For instance, in one path, you have to start as a slave for Azula and gradually work your way up in becoming her master. Once you become her master, you will have full control over her and do things that please you.

The game also features shops where you will purchase items and use them to boost your relationship with Azula and the other remaining characters. You will receive a map and also get to work different jobs for making a sufficient amount of money. The combat in the game is quite simple and isn’t far-fetched. You will have access to three varying unit types, i.e., foot soldiers, Calverley, and tanks. The enemies also possess the exact three units.

The tanks tend to be good against the Calverley. And the Calverley is great against the foot soldiers. Here, the foot soldiers tend to be good against the tanks. You will be taking turns trying to whack each other, and it continues until one side drops dead.

If you possess the correct unit combo, then you tap on the auto option, and you will win. However, if you don’t possess the correct unit combo, then you will need to resort to quaffing potions and continue until you successfully brute force it.

Four Elements Trainer also features a farm dedicated to breastmilk impregnation, which is quite the shock value for many new players. But it gives you the opportunity to make a lot of easy money. But once you become accustomed to the environment, you will see it more as a game to obtain bonuses instead of animated porn. Many players enjoy the sex scenes in the game, which are always arousing and fun.

Also, since the characters come from Avatar, you can easily predict the character’s design. The number of sex scenes is quite decent, and they mostly consist of the affair, blowjobs, anal sex, vaginal sex, and handjobs. But with MITY coming up with regular updates, you can expect more sex scenes and features.

Plus, you can always raise the meter of your relationship by buying gifts and costumes. The dialogues are also worth it, and you will have a good time laughing at them. Play Four Elements Trainer now!

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